What is DiSC®?

If you want to improve employee performance and productivity, our Everything DiSC® Training will help you reach your goals. Participants will achieve insight into their own behavioral style and will learn techniques that will lead to more effective communication in the workplace. Learn more about how Everything DiSC® assessment can help your organization reach goals

Is Everything DiSC® right for my organization?

Everything DiSC® will help individuals in your organization understand their behavioral styles. This insight leads to better understanding and appreciating differences of others. Once your organization learns more effective communication, you will be on your way higher productivity and reaching goals.

What areas of my organization could benefit from Everything DiSC®?

Everything DiSC® training can be highly effective in most areas of an organization, but can be particularly beneficial for management training, sales training, HR training and executive leadership team building.

Are people expected to change their behavior?

Rather than changing their individual behaviors, participants in the Everything DiSC® program learn to understand their strengths and potential limitations. Individuals learn how to work with their individual behavioral style most effectively, for better results in the workplace.

How reliable is the Everything DiSC® assessment over time?

Results of Everything DiSC® assessments will not likely change significantly over time. They provide an accurate snapshot for the selected focus, whether it's more work-based or home-life focused, and the current situation at the time of the training. Everything DiSC® results would not likely change significantly over time unless the focus or situation changes.

How does the Everything DiSC® model differ from others?

The basis for the Everything DiSC® model is that participants may find they use all four dimensions in varying degrees, and that there is no preferred behavior. Everything DiSC® training will teach participants to adapt their communication style to best utilize the behavioral tendencies they Everything DiSCovered.

How did the Everything DiSC® Assessment Originate

Originally created by Dr. William Marston, Harvard University, and researched and updated by Dr. John Geier at the University of Minnesota over 30 years ago, the Everything DiSC® concept has helped over 40 million people in more than 20 languages. Wiley Publishing, formerly Carlson Learning and Performax, is the distributor of Everything DiSC® and several other assessment instruments.

Are there legal issues concerning the use of Everything DiSC® for applicant screening or hiring purposes?

Inscape does not authorize the sale of its products for use as tools to predict success in employment or in particular job classifications. Employment practices are subject to laws that vary in different locations, and are likely to change from time to time. Wiley Publishing encourages its customers to seek legal advice if questions exist about employment practices and procedures.

Are there other Everything DiSC® products?

In addition to our one-day Basic Everything DiSC® Workplace, the following are additional materials that will provide enhancement to your Everything DiSC® experience:

Our newest solutions teach professionals to better connect with the people they work with in specific applications. Everything DiSC® Application Library training programs are specialized, in-depth and easily customizable. Everything DiSC® Workplace, Everything DiSC® Management, Everything DiSC® Sales, Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders and Everything DiSC® 363.

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