Everything DiSC® Workplace
On Catalyst™

Catalyst Works With...

The Everything DiSC® Assessment

  • Uses computer adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms for precise results
  • Builds the foundation for an ongoing, personalized learning experience


  • Delivers the Everything DiSC® assessment, allowing learners to delve into their style and develop new skills
  • Offers real-time tips for more effective interactions with a learner’s colleagues
  • Serves as a learning hub throughout the learner’s DiSC® journey, from facilitation to independent exploration

Workplace on Catalyst Facilitation

  • Brings the learner’s DiSC® results to life in an instructor-led experience that engages and educates
  • Virtual training modules including scripted content, contemporary video, and activities
  • Short-format, modular for any group size or time constraint


A Transformational Learning, Virtual Experience.

Organizational culture faces unpredictable and constantly evolving challenges. You know your organization needs to actively shape a culture that supports morale, recovery, and continued success. It might seem impossible to know where or how to begin—but we can help. Introducing Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™.

Investing in Your Culture Should Have a Lasting Impact—and Now It Can.

Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™ takes the best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace® experience to the next level. Designed to engage everyone in building more effective relationships at work, Workplace on Catalyst helps people adapt to others in real-time, unlocking engagement and inspiring more effective collaboration.

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Everything DiSC® Assessments
by Wiley Publishing

Is your organization unintentionally sending the wrong message?

Sending the Wrong Message?

Is management sending the wrong message to employees with unproductive communication?

Difficulty Motivating?

Are your executives failing to motivate your staff?

Alienating Customers?

Is your sales staff alienating customers with ineffective communication?

It could be that you have a great staff, but the problem may lie in their communication style. Once participants understand their own individual behavioral tendencies, and those of others through the Everything DiSC® Training Program, they will learn specific communication strategies to use with each of the Everything DiSC® behavioral styles. Clear, effective communication will lead to overall performance improvement and success of the organization.

During our Everything DiSC® Training Program, participants will learn specific communication strategies to use with each of the Everything DiSC® behavioral styles.

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